Carl Cattermole

Welcome to my website. Here's some things I get up to...

  • Author of Prison - A Survival Guide (Penguin 2019)

  • Radio and print journalist (Prison Radio Association, BBC, The Mirror, The Guardian, Daily Mail, etc)
  • Public speaker at universities and conferences worldwide (UCL, Freie Universität Berlin, Princeton etc)
  • Winner - Best Fictional Storyteller at UK Radio Industry Award 2018
  • Winner - Best Podcast at UK Community Radio Awards 2018
  • Winner - Wickers World Radio Documentary Award 2017
  • Runner Up - Society Of Authors Imison Award 2019
  • Judged Koestler Trust prisoner writing award
  • Loadssss more

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"Essential reading for both expectant inmates and law-abiding citizens."

- Will Self, author & journalist

"After reading HMP – A Survival Guide the prison population will be better informed, more in touch with their loved ones, more equipped for release and reintegration with society and so much beyond that: it has the potential to change a lot of peoples lives for the better"

- Daniel Godden, criminal defence partner at Hodge Jones Allen

"Carl Cattermole’s short, sharp, shockingly good guide to life on the inside is without a doubt one of the best books I’ve read all year. Unlike so many of the squillions of things that get ushered into print each month, H.M. Prison: A Survival Guide is a book that feels like it urgently needed to be written, and equally urgently; needs to be read. It’s the upshot of a truly generous impulse; to demystify the prison experience and to offer pragmatic help to a huge amount of people who are often vulnerable, confused and scared. It should also, of course, be required reading for anyone and everyone on the outside.

"Eschewing the lurid tales and grim machismo that characterize so many prison memoirs, 20-something Londoner Cattermole’s nifty book is a straight-talking, utterly no-nonsense account of what life is like if you get sent down. It’s beautifully and wittily written, and indeed beautifully and wittily illustrated; by Private Eye’s very own 'Banx.'

"The ‘Survival Guide is eye-opening, at times eye-watering, and thoroughly educational in every sense. Like all the best books; it works as a kind of empathy generator. It’s also dirt-cheap (£4!). And it’s not-for-profit. And it looks and feels great. What more could you want? This is that rare kind of book that actually helps to make the world a better place.

- Stuart Hammond, PWBC

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